Heat Pump Financing


Financing for heat pumps is now available through Vanderbilt Mortgage. 
This financing plan will NOT be included on the FLEC bill. Billing will now only be handled by Vanderbilt Mortgage.

For more information about financing, you may visit www.2eScore.com to apply for the loan or you may call 1-877-2eScore (1-877-237-2673). Rebates are available through eScore as well. You may create an account on the eScore website. Once you have an account, simply click on "Apply for Financing" to begin the short application process. For more information about Vanderbilt, please visit www.vanderbiltescore.com.

Members may also be eligible for financing through the manufacturer of the heat pump. Check with your local heat pump contractor for available financing options and promotions.

Also, many area banks and credit unions are offering very competitive rates for home improvements like heat pump installations.