Stormy Weather Conditions Create Power Outages


With the extreme weather that has entered our service area in the last 24 hours, high winds have caused trees to topple down on many of our power lines. This volatile weather pattern is anticipated to continue throughout the night and possibly tomorrow based on the weather forecasts we have received.

Please take necessary precautions by making sure you have an alternate source of heat in case of a power outage. If you lose power and you do not have alternate heat options, please seek shelter with friends, family, or local emergency shelters until the power is restored. Also, make sure you have extra bottled water and food that doesn't require cooking.

FLEC anticipates all outages will be restored this evening; however, our crews will work throughout the night if necessary to restore any future outages that may occur.

To report an outage, please call 1-877-353-2674. If your power has been out today and remains out tonight, please call us to make sure we are aware of the outage.

FLEC appreciates your patience and understanding during these days of unstable weather conditions. Thank you and please be safe!

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