Operation Round Up: Sharing Your Cents


You have the power to help your neighbor in need and it starts with your pocket change. Operation Round Up donates the excess change from your rounded up electric bill to your neighboring agency and thus helps those in need with their electric bill. Once you sign up, your bill will simply be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount and the extra change will be donated to the designated agency. For example, if your bill is $87.42 you would be asked to pay $88.00 and the extra $0.58 would go into the Operation Round Up Fund. The funds collected would be donated in full to the designated government agency in your county. Monroe County funds would go to Douglas Cherokee, Blount County funds would go to Blount County Community Action and Loudon County funds wound go to Mid East Community Action Agency.

These agencies then disperse the funds.
As a participating member, you could expect to donate an average of $6.00 per year to the agency in your county. This program is independent of the current Good Shepherd Program. If you wish to participate and make a difference with your change, please complete the form below and return it with your bill.

I wish to participate in Operation Round Up:

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Take this small step toward helping those less fortunate with the change from your pocket.

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