Low temps lead to high bills


   Due to the recent extremely cold weather, Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) wishes to remind its members to please keep in mind that the electric bills for the coming month will reflect the usage increase and will likely be higher than usual. Based on some of the usage already being billed, FLEC members could possibly see as much as a 40 – 60% increase in the next month’s electric bill. This is entirely due to the bitterly cold weather. Since most members’ single greatest user of energy in the home is the heating system, the cold weather outside means the heating system must operate for a longer period of time, even when no changes are made to the indoor thermostat.
     FLEC continues to have one of the lowest per kilowatt hour electric charges of any other utility in the area. We continue to make providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity our number one goal.  We hope to see a decrease in the next month’s bills as the weather hopefully improves and temperature climb above freezing. For more energy saving tips, please visit our website (  or pick up a brochure in our office.

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