FLEC's power system stays stable


  Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative reached another all-time high demand, of 227.78 MW, on Thursday morning. However, throughout this stretch of bitterly cold weather conditions, FLEC’s system has remained stable.
  As the snow fell and the temperatures dropped Tuesday and Wednesday, the cooperative did experience a couple of outages. The largest outage occurred in Tellico Plains near Mecca Pike, which affected approximately 400 members. The outage was due to the heavy load demand and lasted about 1 ½ hrs. Repairs were quickly made to the line section. The only other outages FLEC members experienced affected the Louisville and Calderwood communities. Less than ten members were affected by this brief loss of power.
  During extremely cold weather conditions, FLEC appreciates any and all conservation measures taken by the members. This can include turning down the temperature on heating thermostats, only using essential lighting or task lighting, and turning off all nonessential electronics when not in use.  This is also another important way members can assist the cooperative with the power restoration process. If the electricity goes off, please turn off your heating system and most lights and appliances. Leave only a light on to indicate to you when power has been restored. After waiting a few minutes after restoration, you may then turn your heating system back on. This will help the cooperative quickly restore the outage and ease the “Cold Load Pick up” caused when all the heating systems start up and place large demands on the system.

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