FLEC Stays Plugged-In





The 110th Tennessee General Assembly convened earlier this year in Nashville.   This week some of Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors and management visited with local legislators and their staff in Nashville.  Each year, some proposed legislative subjects are important to rural Tennessee.  Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) is paying particular attention to a subject of interest to the Governor - rural broadband expansion. 

Jarrod Brackett, General Manager/CEO of Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) stated, “We found our legislators committed to assisting in improving lives in the communities we serve.  We are excited to work with the state of Tennessee and our local legislators to identify real solutions that will benefit our members.  We encourage our rural communities to be engaged in these discussions.  With that in mind, FLEC and the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association (TECA) have developed resources to help educate and inform the membership on these issues.  We ask that all members get plugged-in by visiting and register to get valuable updates on legislation that could affect you.”

If you have any specific concerns, please let FLEC know at  Brackett finished by saying, “We will continue to assist our legislators when a proposed bill might affect our “cooperative” way of life.  Together…we have power!”


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