FLEC Shares Pole Inspection Reports


February 14, 2019

FLEC Concludes Its Annual Pole Inspections & Shares Results

Over the past couple of months, Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) utilized a contractor, Power Pole Maintenance Company, to perform pole inspections and maintenance on 5,794 poles in existing power line easements. These inspections were conducted in easements around Greenback and the Lenoir City portion of the FLEC system. The inspections showed that FLEC’s poles needed minimal need for maintenance or replacement. Of those inspected, only 6 poles were found needing immediate replacement action. An additional 78 poles were found needing follow-up maintenance over the next year (some being marked for replacement later this year).

Jarrod Brackett, FLEC’s General Manager stated, “We really appreciate the membership working with us to gain access to our power poles for treatment and replacement this year. We will continue to assess our infrastructure in an ongoing manner to assure safety to the public.” Brackett noted that, “all poles over 10 years of age receive a thorough inspection that requires digging around the pole at the ground level to determine the health of the pole… we do not replace poles until absolutely necessary.” The inspections also included 6,841 maintenance actions or treatments on the poles while being inspected. Brackett elaborated, “some poles required a chemical treatment to prolong the life of the pole, several required repairs of their guy wires… overall the majority of the concerns were related to weathering and incidental human contact from mowing around them.” FLEC asks that anyone seeing a concern or hazard around its poles to call in. The Cooperative is required to maintain its poles and other infrastructure on an ongoing basis to meet national guidelines. Brackett concluded, “These annual inspections and maintenance actions assist FLEC to replace only what is necessary in hopes of getting many more years of service from our poles… stretching out the Cooperative’s Membership dollar.”

Any questions can be addressed by calling FLEC’s offices at 1-877-353-2674, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. FLEC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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