FLEC Members Pick Board Representatives



            The Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) held two (2) district gatherings this year, one at the Greenback Community Center Pavilion for District 4 and another at the Kefauver Park Pavilion in Madisonville for District 9.  Members in each District were given the opportunity to elect a board representative and get an update on some of the activities of the three county private, non-profit organization.  Due to covid-19, the meetings were held outdoors and in open air public settings and each followed a period of ten (10) business days of early voting opportunity for the members in each district to cast an early vote for their representative.  Failing to meet the 84-member quorum required for a meeting and election to be officially held in District 4, Shirley Hall was reappointed to serve another three (3) years by the bylaws on September 1st in Greenback.    The incumbent Director for District 4, Hall has served since December of 2014.  Meeting quorum, the elections and meeting went on in Madisonville as planned and Denny Stephens captured the majority of the votes in the District 9 elections.  Stephens will be seated as a new District 9 Director after the annual membership meeting on October 3rd.  Jon Grubb, the current District 9 Director, will serve the remainder of his term through the annual meeting.

The Credentials Committees, Stanley Best, Lonnie Cooper, and Sandra Tipton for District 4 and Jerry Barr, Mark Futrell, and Alfred Greenwood for District 9, presided over the evening’s festivities.  Jarrod Brackett, FLEC’s general manager, gave a brief report each night on the Cooperative to those present.    Brackett shared “good news… that TVA would not increase rates for another year and that the Cooperative would keep rates the same for the 10th year.”  Low debt, increased reliability, and employee safety achievements were also mentioned in the remarks as reasons folks should be proud of their Cooperative in its 80th year of business.  

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