FLEC Members Pick a Representative at Rural Vale


The Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) held a district meeting on September 6, 2018, at the Rural Vale School in Tellico Plains. Members in District 7 were given the opportunity to elect a board representative and get an update on some of the activities of the three county private, non-profit organization. The doors of the school’s cafeteria opened at 5:37 p.m. after both candidates for the prestigious director position had approved all to be ready. Sonya Lynn and Lewis Jones had been affirmed as candidates by the Cooperative’s appointed credentials committee on August 3rd. Throughout the night, a steady flow of members kept the FLEC elections team busy as folks voted and enjoyed time together. Voting continuing through the business meeting that began at 7 p.m. Jeff Pike opened the meeting as the credentials committee chairman. Pike, a member of District 7, introduced fellow credentials committee members Doug Jones and Clifford Moser. Then, after it was confirmed that the 80 member quorum had been reached, Pike got right down to business with announcement of the guidelines for the election process and explanation to the crowd of the requirements of a member to serve on the FLEC Board of Directors. After both candidates were nominated from the crowd and had affirmed verbally their desire to serve, Jarrod Brackett, FLEC’s general manager, gave a report on the Cooperative to those present. Brackett stated that, “FLEC has done some really good things over the past few years and I want to talk about some of them.” It was pointed out that FLEC had paid down over $11.5 million in debt while doing over $15 million in system upgrades and improvements over the same eight year period. Employee safety achievements were applauded by the audience. A strong record of reliability and an update on the Cooperative’s hunt for a broadband solution peaked the attention of those in attendance. Not all was positive though as Brackett reported how, “over the past six years, TVA has increased its wholesale rates by 1.5% annually; and, there is another increase coming this October as TVA seeks to pay down its debt.” Door prizes were drawn as the polls closed promptly at 8 p.m. After the ballots of 190 voters were tallied, Lewis Jones, the incumbent board member, was announced as the people’s choice. Lynn and Jones thanked the crowd for their participation as the sun set on the evening’s festivities.

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