Cold Weather Alert to Members


For our members’ awareness: Please be prepared as arctic air will plunge into our area on Saturday, Dec. 30 sending temperatures below freezing during the overnight hours. Temperatures are not expected to climb above freezing until Wednesday, Jan. 3 for just a few hours. Temperatures will again return to below freezing Wednesday evening extending through Saturday, Jan. 6. The coldest mornings will be Tuesday, Jan. 2 and Friday, Jan. 5 with temperatures in the low to mid-teens in the major urban areas and in the single digits in outlying areas.

FLEC and TVA will be closely monitoring the weather and the power demands on our system. You may help by conserving any unnecessary power use during these periods of high power demand.

Also, please check on friends and neighbors, especially the elderly, to make sure they are safe during these extreme weather conditions and bring pets indoors. Stay warm and safe!

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