Change in Underground Electric Connection Specifications


All persons purchasing permits after July 6, 2020, should have received instructions on how to properly install their meter base and associated conduit for underground connection through the Cooperative’s engineering and customer service personnel or possibly through the Tennessee Electrical Inspector’s visit for inspections.  Specifications were posted on our website earlier this year and several letters were mailed out to area electricians and builders.  Those letters outlined the changes being implemented by the Cooperative to streamline installation of electricity, noting additional conduit being installed prior to receiving electrical inspection approval and installation of electricity.    

As of September 1, 2020, Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) has been requiring that those seeking approval for “Service Release, also called an early on” or “Final Inspection” through the State of Tennessee Electrical Inspector, meet the new requirements.  FLEC’s management has asked that the Inspector require that the new specifications be adhered to in order for the Cooperative to provide electricity to a location.  Therefore, a failure of inspection will result until the necessary conduit additions are installed per the specifications. 

Please see the specifications for underground power at our website prior to inspections being requested and performed.  This step will provide clarity on FLEC’s new requirements. The illustrations for both new construction and for getting electricity to mobile homes can be found on FLEC’s website,, under the “New Construction” tab. 

Please note that all requests for connection of electricity require an approved inspection by the State Electrical Inspector.  Also, please note that the 45 days of a “Service Release” starts after electrical service has been established.  Members are now required to purchase all electrical permits through the State of Tennessee’s website. A link to the State website is also available on FLEC’s website. Please contact our customer service team, if you have any further questions.

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