Call Us….If You Need Arrangements


If you are under financial hardship due to the coronavirus, please call our offices well before your disconnect date. If you receive a note or a telephone call and are unable to pay your bill, please give us a call to discuss further. Please understand that we have suspended late fees and penalties for 30 days from last Friday, March 27th, and are working daily to try and establish ways to help those we serve.

FLEC has been told by the TVA that they still expect us to receive payment for what every utility customer uses. Bills still are due, suspending disconnections only compounds the debt owed. Those that are having difficulty should call in to discuss payment arrangements.

We do not want to disconnect folks. By speaking with a FLEC representative, you may qualify for additional assistance. We work with local non-profit organizations that receive federal funding assistance too. If you receive a note or a telephone call about your bill, please understand that this is us just trying to get in touch with you to make arrangements.

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